18 March 2004
Altre Latitudini – Gianmaria Testa
Le Chant Du Monde
“He’s been called the Italian Leonard Cohen, and given the quiet intensity, hushed gruffness of voice and romance of image, the comparison is apt. Consequently, it’s no surprise that it was France, not Italy where the songwriter was first embraced some eight yars ago, given much of his music inhabits the same emotion-drenched, nostalgia-tinged landscape of many a French chanteur. Five CDs later, it seems that Italy and much of the rest of the world is catching on. Altre Latitudini (Others Latitudes) is a departure from the singer’s last guitar/voice-only recording; while still primarily acoustic, it features a range of styles and instrumentation. As for the location of these latitudes, they’re not so much geographical or musical as they are points of reference for poet’s soul.”

Li Robbins